Title: Transgressing Reality Through Portraiture

Artist: Amanda Umberger

Bio/statement: As an artist, the most difficult thing we are asked to do is to choose our favorite images. The second most difficult is being asked to talk about them or about ourselves. I began my journey as a photographer the way most do, finding myself drawn to the details of the daily various visual inspiration and the need to capture such beauty forever. Delving into the darkness, with only the faintest red tint, I found an archival wash was the best way to cleanse the soul, and it was there that I found true passion.

As technology transformed the dark into light, the chemical into computer, and the analog into digital, I too, followed the mainstream into the digital world while still fantasizing about film. In the many years since, I have dabbled in many different forms of photography, finally finding a new vision for creative portraiture; teetering between the art of still imagery and motion capture. This ability to transgress the realm of fiction and fantasy with reality to create a unique perspective is what draws me to create my work. I aim to challenge the social norms, to create imagery that causes one to pause, to think, and to feel in order to create change, minute or otherwise.