Staff 1982

Staff 1982

The Two Bells Tavern has been a neighborhood hangout where good conversation and company can be found.

Happily, for most patrons , televisions do not blare in the background except for special events and the yearly Seahawk’s Super Bowl run.  Of course, the main draw of the Two Bells Tavern is, and always has been, its hamburgers.  Made from local ground beef and locally baked French baguettes, this hamburger is a juicy, visual masterpiece that definitely requires more than one napkin. This hamburger, along with all of our other house made specialty menu items, has been fine-tuned over the years making it truly one of a kind. Also, theTwo Bells includes a full bar and a rotating selection of boutique beers  that feature many of the best ales and IPAs in the Northwest.

Unknown People at a Bar

 Staff and Regulars 2015

The Two Bells Bar is and shall remain a funky and  well loved bar and restaurant.